Pre Primary

This section consists of two wings- the LKG and the UKG of the Kinder Garten and the Montessori House of Children (Monte. I and Monte. II).The play way approach is adopted in the Pre-Primary classes and so children are not burdened with heavy bags, books or homework. Children discover knowledge through fun and play here.They learn through playing and group activities such as art, music,language, science and physical education. The Montessori method aims at developing the child's intelligence and independence. Under this method children learn through activities that involve exploration, manipulation, order, repetition, abstraction and communication.


Classes from I – VIII constitute the primary section. The following subjects are taught at the Primary level. English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Physical and Health Education.We aim at academic excellence with character perfection. With this in mind, we seek to fine tune our charges in every aspect of their intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development.


Classes IX and X are considered as the secondary section. Students need to study only two languages, English and Malayalam / Hindi at the Secondary level. The following are the subjects for study at the Secondary level.English, Malayalam/Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Experience (Computer Science), Art Education, Physical and Health Education.While teaching languages, emphasis is laid on improving communication skills. Students readily participate in debates, preparation of skits, classroom discussions